Hello December !

by - Sunday, December 02, 2018


Final month of the year. December. Should i say hello december. Yeah.

i.really.miss.school.when.december.is.a.holiday.month (i miss the function of yellow color on calendar)

but now, as doing degree in public university, December is a stressful month there are week 12 to 14 (final weeks before final exam..) soooo, these weeks will be full of last minutes assignments, tests, presentations and so on.

just pray for me to survive in this beautiful (read: stressful) month. just until week 14 i wish. then break for study week before the real war (final exam). hope i don't get too much stressed.

 and I pray for everyone who read this to have a happy december! have a good result in exams, have more holidays for those with family yet to spend more time with your families, have an increment in salaries or bonus hehe (can treat me as well) :)

"I’m struggling to find you who I cannot see
I’m struggling to find you who I cannot hear
I see things that I couldn’t see before
I hear things that I couldn’t hear before
After you left me, I have grown a power that I didn’t have before"
((Miracle in December - EXO)) 

I hope there are some miracles for me in this months. Hope I can submit the assignments on time, be cleverer and can catch up all the syllabus (omg i'm so slow during degree)

Ok have a great weekend too!

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  1. yeah me too!!! i really love December cause who doesn't love the month of holiday right? but for now....i force to be HAPPY for DECEMBER. ergh!!! this two last weeks is killing me....

  2. December kian berlabuh tirai 2018. Aiman dah follow blog Etuza tak? harap follow ya