Wanted : A New Blog List for March-July 2020

by - Sunday, February 23, 2020


Aiman join segmen bloglist. Requirements:

1. Do follow my blog 💻 done
2. *update* I cancel this requirement because lazy enough to fix my Fb button hehe
3. Create a post with a title of  "Wanted: A New Blog List for March-July 2020" together with the banner. done
4. Backlink the banner to this post's URL link. done
5. Tell me about your favourite food in the post! I would love to know about it. (also optional) done 
6. Publish it and leave the URL link to your post under the comment section. 📫 done

Jawapan untuk soalan no 5 tu, honestly selagi benda tu sedap semua favourite food aku hahaha. Specifically, aku suka laksa dan tomyam :D

Tomyam campur baru umph haha, aku tak suka makan pedas tapi pedas tomyam ni favorite.
Laksa pulak mesti laksa Penang hehe, kuah jangan ceroi sangat :D haha

The last date to enter this segment is on the 28th of February 2020

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  1. same bro! i like laksa and tomyam the most

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