A Better Evening with Coolblog

by - Friday, August 25, 2017


Another two weeks duhh !
OMG my four months of holiday now remaining about two weeks. Allahu what did I done to my holidays (so unproductive at all..) . As I will enter college this 5th September, then a lot of things I need to do (buying things, fill in form, applying study loan and scholarship and so on).

A day before yesterday, in a sunny evening, while I ride my motorcycle to supermarket for buying something, then satu kereta ni masuk simpang tak bagi signal. Aku pun gelabah teruk la, lagi sikit nak langgar kereta dia. Dah la tengah panas. *aku ni jenis tak suka cari gaduh dengan strangers, pastu belah terus je la. Sumpah aku kalau tgh marah memang akan diam je sebab takut kalau aku marah nanti, aku pulak yang kena marah hahaha*, tapi lepas tu mood aku memang spoil la.

since whenever I am stressed, I will eat. At that time, my eating appetite don't appear then I decided to have a cup of refreshing drink. With a small amount of money I had, I just went straight to Coolblog Tesco Extra Seberang Jaya outlet because the drink is refreshing and cheap as well.

Whenever I order Coolblog, my first choice will always be either strawberry or something sour ((i don't like chocolate so much)). The most important and compulsory is black pearl bubble ((tak coolblog la kalau takde ni hahah)). On that day, I bought Smoothies Pink Guava with Bubble (RM5 only).

Hell yeah, I like eating alone because I can eat whatever i want (as I have money, yes I can haha). 

Me trying to selfie with delicious coolblog :)
At last, I don't like to waste things, especially delicious things, then this is the cup after finishing the drink.
memang clear habis :)
Apa pun, aku memang suggest sangat-sangat la korang yang tengah panas tu, pegi coolblog nanti sejuk balik hehe. Anyway , do visit Facebook Cool Blog Official Fan Page for new updates :)

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