Mood : I Need Money !!

by - Monday, August 07, 2017

My mood right now

Plus minus 30 days left for me to leave my house to go to college for degree (is it yay or nay, idk anyway) hahaha. I'm so excited for that but but but but

*Alhamdulillah I've got Bachelor in Science with Honors (Actuarial Science and Risk Management) in USIM, Nilai*

registration fee is RM 2k++ (Allahuuu, where can I get money in advanced right now) . Yes right now I'm a little regret for not working during holiday. 

I thought Penang Fund will help, but they closed their application for a while (so sad). I had applied for Zakat but the money will be received within two months. anyone can suggest me a fast loan/money that I can apply (mana2 yayasan negeri lain yang tak kisah pun kalau bukan anak negeri tu, ceh ada ka) ? living in Penang macamni la :(

I really need money hahahahaha (i'm crying in my laugh). Sesiapa insan pemurah yang nak sumbang duit kat sayaaaa, boleh la dm/pm kat Twitter / Instagram / Email(watch on sidebar yahhh) yes i'm hoping so much. then i can give my bank account no. hehe

dalam akaun skrg ada dlm 200++ je dan aku mmang nak pakai duit tu bila perlu nanti dan untuk beli barang persiapan jee. Aku tgh berjimat habis ni untuk beli barang : aku beli brg pun kat bundle, kedai rm2 dgn mr. diy je .

sekian, rintihan hati aku (poyo jee..). again, kalau sesapa nak bantu aku boleh la dm aku kat mana2 platform yang aku dh mention kat atas tu hehe. last word, jangan kecam :*

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