Merdeka!Merdeka! Blogger Contest by LAZADA

by - Friday, August 25, 2017


For the upcoming biggest event , which is Merdeka 60th Anniversary  (yaayy!), Lazada (again..) make another contest for bloggers *yay!!* . Last Raya, I joined the contest too, but unfortunately I didn't win anything *sokayyy*. Hopefully, this time I won something (jaebal lazada hahaha).

The contest runs from 21 August until 31 August 2017. 

Okay then, here are my answers for questions given.

a)What do you love about being Malaysian? 

Of course I love being Malaysian because I can live in a peaceful country even we consist of various ethnics and races. From the variety of races and ethnics also religions, we can exchange information about celebrations. For example, when Hari Raya, my Chinese and Indian friends also came visiting to my open house. It is vice versa when it came to Deepavali and Chinese New Year. From the celebrations, we will know much more about variety foods in Malaysia (my favourite). To be honest, there are thousands reasons why I love being a Malaysian, actually I love everything about Malaysia that makes me a Malaysian.

b) Choose your favorite local brand here : 

yes i chose this : visit here
Amar Amran is a brand consists of Baju Melayu, Baju Kurung, Kurta, Jubah and everthing that we usually wear on Raya. Even not during Raya, I like to wear Kurta for classes and prayer. Amar Amran contains a lot of modern design, and I love it :)

c) Select two product from that brand that you love. The Article must contain screenshots of the products mentioned.

Amar Amran Kurta Al Hakim (Black)
I like collecting Kurta recently, and now I've got 4-5 Kurta as well. But still I would like to continue collecting them and I want black so bad. This kurta looks nice af hahaha :D

Jubah A Slim Fit (Baby Blue)
I never have jubah before, even I really wanted to have it (because no money no talk babe) , but this baby blue jubah also nice as the price also nice hahaha. 

Then, bye :) Have a good day then !

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  1. mostly blogger pilih pensonic or any electrical brands as their favorite. ni first time nampak jubah. all the best aiman! :)

    1. kannn. haha sebab bujang and hidup belajar lagi dan tak berkehendak kat barang-barang elektrik tu kot. dok pikir benda yang nak pakai je haha :) btw thanks visiting :D

  2. Gudluck contest ini dtg singgah blog sy

  3. sepatutnya keputusan pemenang akan keluar harini kan.. klau free, jalan2 la kat blog saya